Dyersville, IA: Sure, I'll write about it. That's what I do.

K. Miller: Writer/Editor

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.” — Sylvia Plath

🗝 Multi-Genre Writer: Picture Books; Middle Grade; Young Adult; Fantasy; Flash Fiction; Poetry; Experimental; Short Story Collections.

🗝 Education: PhD in English Studies; MA in Rhetoric & Composition; BA in English Writing/English Literature.

🗝 Publications: Published by Jaded Ibis Press, Ave Maria Press, and University of Dayton Publishing. Writing has recently appeared in Flashes of BrillianceThe Poet MagazineLoud Coffee Press, & Strukturriss, among others.

🗝 QueryingWeapons of Mass Construction: a hybrid, experimental book exploring the disintegration of a parent/child relationship as gender identity is deconstructed and reconstructed. The Ernie Alexander Series: a PB series of 20 books based on her loud, proud, and kooky cat nephew who dabbles in high fashion, hair-raising hobbies, and wacky misadventures. Wounded Souls: a fantasy novel co-authored with R.L. Schmitt about Blue, a clumsy guardian angel, and her quest to right a wrong so her charge can enter Heaven.

🗝 Revising: Butterflies in the Sky: a contemporary YA novel about a group of friends road tripping across the Midwest in search of an important family heirloom before it’s lost forever.

🗝 Writing: Untitled WIP: a contemporary fantasy MG novel about a trio of new friends uncovering an ancient secret in their tiny, idyllic town.

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